LandWorks maintains a staff of experienced land records professionals to provide analysis of land-related agreements and to do data entry into LandWorks Property Management (LPM).

Using the Data Entry Standards developed during LPM Administration training, your land records data is entered exactly as you have decided it should be.

All data entry staff are fully trained in the latest version of LPM and are quick and efficient in its use. Data entry can be done remotely by accessing scanned images of land documents on your network, or by using image copies provided to LandWorks. If images are not scanned, our land records analysts can work in your offices where they have direct access to paper files.

Data entry can be done remotely, directly into your test or production database so you can monitor and QC daily progress, or we can do data entry into a separate database on our network, and provide periodic incremental updates to your company database.

LandWorks also provides document scanning and indexing services. Our extensive experience with land-related agreements ensures accurate agreement identification and indexing.