LandWorks Property Management (LPM) is a powerful software solution used to organize land agreement information to improve asset management.

LPM allows land managers, field agents and property administrators to use one system to manage any number or type of land assets, including surface leases, mineral leases, deeds, rights-of-way, wind energy agreements and more. Users can administer obligations and provisions, monitor receivables, ensure accurate financial compensation, receive prompts for time-sensitive obligations or expiring leases and easily create reports for both current and historical land assets and associated data. LPM can integrate with most third-party software including your own document management, facilities management and accounting system. You get:

  • Robust reporting Access more than 90 standard reports or create your own unique reports.
  • Automated form creation Create, fill and print any kind of form using MS Word and Excel forms, or any third-party forms software that can consume XML.
  • Email and pop-up reminders Manage time-sensitive expirations, obligations and tasks with automatic reminders.
  • Wide-ranging security settings Grant role-based security permissions based on various criteria, including screen, division, workflow stage, business process, project and more.
  • Mobile contact management Your agents in the field can update landowner contact information using mobile devices and print contact history reports.
  • Complete GIS integration Manage, display and analyze spatial data creation for all types of land related assets.
  • Check writer/check register Manage payments and annual 1099 reporting, automate complex rental or production royalty payments for renewable energy and mining leases, determine production royalty payment amounts using customizable calculation formulas.
  • International implementation — LPM simultaneously supports multiple languages, currencies, date formats and any unit of measure – based on each user’s login ID.
  • Features


    The modular design of LandWorks Property Management Suite lets you mix and match components to best meet your needs.

    • LPM – LandWorks Property Management
      • Manage any number or type of land rights using 80+ user-configurable data fields.
      • Manage individual contract obligations and payments for decades into the future.
      • Build your own reports or choose from 70+ preformatted reports and widgets.
      • Keep your data secure with rigorous access levels, including screen-by-screen permissions.
    • PM – LandWorks Project Management
      • Manage workflows and tasks for acquiring new or handling existing land-related projects.
      • Create custom task models, run reports, and forecast project budget and performance indexes.
      • Set up complicated acquisition projects in seconds.
    • LPM Link ToolSet – Land System Integration Tools
      • Exchange data with GIS, accounting, document management and facilities management databases.
      • Two-way integration allows you to keep your document management system in sync with LPM.
      • Use for one-time data conversions or to manage scheduled imports or exports of data.
  • Benefits


    The modular design of the LPM system lets you mix and match components to best meet your business needs:

    • Security settings maintain the integrity of your data and help you keep sensitive data safe.
    • Payment information is organized to ensure checks are sent on time and for the correct amounts.
    • Intuitive user interface with template and agreement copy features allows for easy data entry.
    • Land records system syncs with your DMS, aiding in consistency and knowledge management.
    • File Import/Export Utilities makes it easy to gather, organize and share data with most third party systems.
    • Tracking changes made to your database provides an internal audit system.
    • Integration with GIS offers a single solution for mapping and analysis of all types of land assets.
    • Supports the complete land asset life cycle, including owner contact management, acquisition, development, production and divestiture.
    • Supports both domestic and multi-national companies
  • Advantages


    The modular design of the LPM system lets you mix and match components to best meet your business needs:

    • Strong security features keep your data safe and allow for workflow and user accountability tracking.
    • Real-time updates keep GIS, land records system and third party systems in sync across the organization.
    • Seamless GIS integration lets you create and maintain polygons for all types of land rights agreements and view mapped polygons directly in the land records system.
    • Completely customizable to meet your unique needs.
    • Scalable, so the system grows as your business grows.
    • Flexible configuration lets you manage any type or number of land assets from one system.
    • Automatic reminders alert you to time-sensitive obligations and expiring leases.
    • Deployed worldwide.