GIS Pet Metes and Bounds

With LandWorks GIS suite, you can manage, visualize, analyze and communicate information for any land asset.

GIS Pet Metes and Bounds

The application fully integrates with Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop Basic, ArcGIS Server Enterprise technology to facilitate land asset management through both desktop and web-based GIS analysis, reporting and document image display. It supports an enterprise geodatabase for advanced implementations using ArcGIS Server Enterprise Basic, or a file geodatabase for smaller scale implementations.

LandWorks GIS Suite is comprised of four (4) modules which may be licensed and used separately or in combination:

  • Features


    Take your land asset management to a new level with four separately licensed Esri ArcGIS extensions for analysis, printing, editing and drafting.

    • LPM GIS is a separately licensed module within the LPM application that dynamically links the agreement, tract and legal description elements saved in the database to the related layers in the GIS. When any attribute is updated in LPM, the GIS layers immediately reflect the change. The mapping status of all agreements in LPM is tracked and reported using more than 20 intelligent mapping quality codes. Add-on components include:
      • AutoMapper can automatically map many types of legal descriptions.
      • MapView and Map Now let you view agreement, tract and legal level polygons from live map windows embedded directly in the land records screens in LPM, or enter legal descriptions into LPM and preview automatically mapped polygons before committing to the geodatabase.
      • MapLink lets you access live web-based global maps from within LPM. Select one or more records in LPM and jump to the related polygon(s) in the map, or select one or more polygons in the map, and jump to the related record(s) in LPM.
    • LandWorks Toolbox is a robust suite of powerful land analysis, data export, labeling and reporting tools that work as an extension within Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop. You can query and display land agreement information, create expiration maps, generate reports, perform complex analysis of land rights and ownership, retrieve document images and upload GIS data to LPM, all directly from the map. All tools and reports are easy to use, even for the GIS novice.
    • Parcel Edit Tools is an ArcGIS Desktop extension that lets you quickly and accurately digitize land agreement boundaries using 21 individual tools specifically designed for cost effective manual mapping of land descriptions. These tools have been proven to expedite the overall parcel mapping process.
    • QuikMap is an ArcGIS Desktop extension for quickly creating professional quality maps using any number of template sets. QuikMap Printer makes creating presentation quality maps quick and easy for users with minimal GIS experience. Advanced support for legend editing and label overflow is provided. QuikMap Administrator is used by experienced ArcGIS users to create and publish standard map templates.
    • Spatial Alignment Tool is an ArcGIS Desktop extension that automates the labor-intensive task of realigning mapped polygons to new land or parcel grid versions or vendors. It can be used in any country and in any industry that maps land boundary polygons using Esri’s ArcGIS Platform.
  • Benefits


    • Dynamic GIS functionality lets you visualize land assets across multiple platforms (desktop GIS, land records systems, web maps) to gain valuable insights for decision making.
    • Automatically maps most Public Land Survey, West Texas, Canadian and offshore leases, saving time and money.
    • Integration with LandWorks Property Management eliminates data duplication and improves planning, analysis and communication.
    • Real time updates maintain data integrity. If an agreement or tract is inactivated in LPM, the polygons are automatically archived in the LPM GIS inactive layers.
    • Configure to suit your needs: separate MapLink maps by division, create custom view layers that automatically update with whatever slices of land records data you want to see, and much more.
    • Tools and templates help you easily create and print presentation quality maps.
    • Robust reporting and analysis tools help you determine where and how best to operate.
    • 21 manual mapping tools expedite the overall parcel mapping process.
    • Modular design lets you add tools as you need them.
  • Advantages


    • Efficiencies gained can repay the license fees in just a few months.
    • Simple to learn and use, even for the GIS novice.
    • Specifically designed to map and analyze land assets.
    • Allows you to leverage Esri functionality.
    • Dynamic, interactive information.
    • Easily create professional maps.
    • Scalable for entry level or advanced enterprise-wide implementations.
    • Use a different land records system than LPM? No problem, LandWorks GIS can be used with any land records system.