LandWorks, Inc. provides land asset management software and geographic information system (GIS) solutions to manage any land right in any industry.

LandWorks delivers robust, long-term land asset management tools that:

  • Aggregate land asset data.
  • Aid in quick decision making.
  • Automate land asset management processes.
  • Improve your operational efficiency.
  • Prevent data redundancy.
  • Save time and money.
  • Provide a single source of information to all stakeholders.
LandWorks Property Management Suite

Your answer for managing large volumes and diverse types of land rights, including rights-of-way, deeds, contracts, surface leases, oil & gas and mining leases, licenses, permits, etc., and is fully integrated with LandWorks GIS products.

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LandWorks GIS Suite

A complete mapping solution leveraging industry standard Esri® GIS technology to help you manage your land assets. Fully integrated with LPM, it provides comprehensive analysis and reporting tools which may be licensed and used separately or in combination.

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