Software to manage any land right

When it comes to managing land assets, companies in renewable energy typically share some common needs.

In addition to maintaining the accuracy, consistency and integrity of your land asset data, you need:

  • To automatically update lease expiration based on commercial operation date
  • Scheduled importing of production and sales data to generate landowner royalty payments
  • To automate complex calculations to make accurate royalty payments
  • Support for minimum payments, accruals and true ups
  • To create custom remittance letters detailing how landowner payments are calculated
  • Advanced security features to control user access at every stage
  • To manage wind lease acquisition with real-time project status maps and dashboards

LandWorks offers three software suites to help you manage your renewable land rights, lower costs, speed work on major projects, and make continuing operations more efficient. Each software suite includes products with components you can mix and match to best meet your business needs, whether it’s automatically performing complex royalty calculations, tracking the pre- and post- install expiration of your leases, easily communicating with your landowners, mass updating payments and turbine/sales point data, and much more.

  • Integration with Excel supports complex royalty formulas – Make complex landowner royalty payments direct from LPM without a separate Division Order system. Embed spreadsheets with payment formulas in to support any number of possible royalty calculations. Payment Variables tab allows you to configure royalty variables that may change over the life of the lease.
  • Configurable, bi-directional communication with your third party applications – Import production and sales data and automatically allocate it across your parcels and leases with the click of a button.
  • Map and load new renewable projects quickly and easily – Select parcel polygons in the GIS and automatically load the attribute and spatial data to create new or update existing wind farm projects in seconds.
  • Powerful reporting – Run ad hoc reports or renewable-specific reports to verify production and sales data that is the basis of your payments. Visualize and communicate important data with dashboards. Measure performance by seeing your total sales by turbine and wind turbine total contribution.
  • Eliminate manual processes – Auto-fill data to forms, such as wind leases or payee remittance letters, to reduce manual data entry. Seamlessly import and export production, sales and payment data across systems and end manual re-keying.
  • Reduce risk – Automatic reminders prompt when your leases will expire, both before and after turbines are installed on the property. Data validation ensures your development and production payments get paid once and for the correct amounts.
  • Protect the data integrity of your organization – Limit application access by organizational division, property location, operating company, and stage of the lease or parcel, in addition to screen by screen permissions.