A complete land management software solution

Land management is one of the most important aspects of the oil and gas business.

In addition to maintaining the accuracy, consistency and integrity of your land asset data, you need to:

  • See your rights and ownership where leases overlap and at different depths
  • Query your ownership in any formation, even if the formation is not stated in an assignment
  • Report on developed, undeveloped, expiring and total acreage
  • Track your lease provisions and obligations and make timely rental payments
  • Quickly and cost-effectively digitize your leases, contracts and units in the GIS

LandWorks offers three software suites to help you manage your oil and gas land rights, lower costs, speed work on major projects, and make continuing operations more efficient. Each software suite features products with components you can mix and match based on your business needs, whether it’s analyzing your mineral rights, planning well locations, tracking the status of your leases, managing lease provisions and obligations, and much more.

  • Protect and maintain your land rights – Automatic reminders notify you of when leases will expire and when lease obligations are due. Standard reports track your rental payments, obligations, and acreage and can be run on demand or a pre-set schedule. Create your own ad hoc reports.
  • Most advanced depth severance analysis in industry – LPM comes with a full stratigraphic column for more than 100 U.S. geologic provinces. Query on any formation in a strat column, and LPM can find all leases with ownership in that formation. With 3D Depth Viewer, see a three dimensional representation of your ownership below the earth’s surface. Define which footage and formation ranges constitute “All Depths” ownership to facilitate analysis.
  • Best-in-class land records and spatial integration – Seamless integration between LPM, Esri GIS and any Document Management System provides easy navigation between the GIS map, land records data, and scanned document images for rapid business analysis. Easily navigate from LPM to the GIS map and back again using MapLink. LPM is the only land management system with live maps embedded directly in its screens.
  • Patented Dissection technology offers a powerful real-time view of ownership in overlapping partial interest leases across your entire operating area – Automatically and in real time, dissects complex overlapping partial interest leases to the smallest common denominator surface polygons and then sums up mineral, working and net revenue interest for all overlapping leases below each dissected polygon. Automates lease labeling function.
  • Cost effectively map leasehold and well ownership – Automatically validate and map legal descriptions and well bore ownership at time of data entry using the AutoMapper, the industry’s most advanced automatic mapping utility. Easily maintain and report the mapping status of all your records.
  • Perform detailed analysis of complex lease ownership – Powerful tools work within the GIS to facilitate analysis of total mineral interest leased, working interest and net revenue interest ownership by owner for any depth or formation interval, expiring vs producing/HBP leases, land records data including scanned documents, and more. Run reports from within the GIS map or from LPM.