Software to help you manage land assets

Mining companies have unique needs when it comes to managing land assets.

You need to maintain the accuracy, consistency and integrity of your land asset data, and you need:

  • to import mining production data on a scheduled basis to generate your landowner royalties
  • to make landowner production payments using complex royalty formulas
  • support for royalty clauses that incorporate conditional payments such as advanced royalties, recoupments, wheelage payments and minimum payments
  • to view seam data and report production by seam
  • to convey plainly to landowners how their payments are calculated
  • to deduct production costs and fees, such as transportation, AML, black lung and processing fees
  • to manage partial interest leases

LandWorks presents three software suites to help you manage your mining land rights, lower costs, speed work on major projects, and make continuing operations more efficient. Each software suite features products with components you can mix and match to best meet your business needs, whether it’s automatically performing complex royalty calculations, viewing and reporting on data at the mine level, easily communicating with your landowners, mass updating payments and mining production data, and much more.

  • Integration with Microsoft Excel supports complex royalty formulas – Embed Excel spreadsheets with payment formulas into LPM to support numerous royalty clauses. Payment Variables tab lets you configure royalty variables that may change over the life of the lease. Production data automatically gets pulled into your calculation spreadsheets when generating your production payments.
  • Configurable, bi-directional communication with your third party applications – including production, accounting and document management systems. The click of a button lets you import production data and automatically assign it across your parcels and leases.
  • Map and load new mining projects quickly and easily – Choose parcel polygons in the GIS and automatically load the attribute and spatial data into LPM to create new mining projects in seconds.
  • Support for unique mining royalties – Mining-specific screen sets include a Production Royalty tab to record your mining royalty clauses. Pre-loaded logic in the system handles production payments, recoupments, advanced royalties, minimum payments and wheelage payments.
  • Eliminate manual processes – Reduce manual data entry by auto-filling Microsoft Office forms, such as mining leases and payee remittance letters, with LPM data.
  • Reduce risk – Production and payment data is imported and exported seamlessly across systems, eliminating any manual re-keying that might increase errors. Automatic reminders alert you when your leases will expire and when your lease obligations are coming due. Validation checks in the system ensure your production payments get paid once and for the correct amounts.
  • Protect the data integrity of your organization – Powerful security features means you dictate access to the application by organizational division, geographic location, operating company, and stage of the lease or parcel, in addition to screen by screen permissions.