Integrated land software solution

Industries that manage linear assets, for example electric transmission lines, pipelines, railroads and highways, typically share common requirements for managing land rights.

In addition to maintaining the accuracy, consistency and integrity of your land asset data, you need to:

  • View land assets in the order of an existing or proposed line
  • Provide remote access for field agents
  • Track linear project status
  • Easily update large numbers of records with new information
  • Manage intricate obligations and provisions

LandWorks offers three software suites to help you manage your linear-based land rights, lower costs, speed work on major projects, and make continuing operations more efficient. Each software suite includes products with components you can mix and match to best meet your business needs, whether it’s seeing and tracking land assets in order of a line, automatically mapping rights of way, tracking project status via task completion, providing mobile access to field agents, easily generating line list reports and much more.

  • Manage all types of land rights One system manages rights-of-way, deeds, surface leases, permits, contracts, and more.
  • Run robust reports – Query land agreements by facility and retrieve all associated agreements in order by line tract number or engineering station. Easily create reports and maps showing multi-line rights, vegetation management, ingress/egress provisions and obligations along a line, or design your own ad hoc reports. Auto-schedule reports to run automatically. Visualize and communicate important data with dashboards.
  • Manage projects with real-time status maps and dashboards – Visualize and easily communicate business-critical data. Track status of acquisitions, surveys and other land-related projects by creating custom workflows and attaching them to each land parcel. As each parcel progresses through its workflow, the GIS map reflects that parcel’s status in real time in LPM and the mobile Task Manager app.
  • Reduce data processing time – Auto-fill Microsoft Office forms, such as easements and compliance letters, with LPM data to reduce manual data entry. Use mass change tools to update many agreements at once. Share data with GIS, accounting, document management and facilities management databases.
  • Streamline workflow across your organization – Single access point for all land asset information, mobile enabled for field agents. Download projects and work off line, then upload new or changed records and sync with the main LPM database.
  • GIS mapping of linear assets faster than conventional methods – Automatically map and maintain legal descriptions and linear rights-of-way described in terms of a distance from a facility centerline. Select parcel polygons in the GIS and automatically load the attribute and spatial data into LPM to create acquisition projects in seconds.
  • Keep your data secure – Limit application access by organizational division, property location, operating company, and stage of the lease or parcel, plus screen by screen permissions.