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LandWorks Announces Version 6 of Land Management Software

November 1, 2017

LandWorks Inc., a developer of innovative land management solutions, today announced at its annual user conference in Galveston, TX, the release of version 6.0 of its three primary software suites – LandWorks Property Management (LPM), LandWorks GIS, and WebMaps Enterprise GIS. Version 6.0 incorporates new features to help users improve workflow, increase collaboration, personalize their user experience, and more easily monitor land rights and projects for which they are responsible.

“Each new release allows LandWorks to improve our software by adding features our customers request,” said LandWorks President Jerry Bramwell. “We focus on improving the way land professionals work on a daily basis. With 6.0, users can create their own Mission Control where they can keep their fingers on the pulse of their workload without having to navigate different screens.”

In Version 6.0, a new customizable myLPM dashboard lets users consolidate maps, metrics, reminders and visual reports (graphs, pie charts, etc.) for at-a-glance status updates in real time.

“MyLPM lets users design one or more dashboards to show all the data they need to support their daily work in real time with maps,” said Bramwell. Each user can personalize their myLPM screen to display their reminders, show live GIS maps displaying land rights, and illustrate any combination or breakdown of their land records or project management data.

“LandWorks is the first land management system to incorporate live Esri maps into dashboards and eCalendars,” said Bramwell. “We’ve fully integrated all of our GIS products with Esri’s ArcGISSM Online and Portal for ArcGIS®.”

Version 6.0 also allows users to add custom fields to LPM screens, to customize system-triggered email notifications to bring in details from LPM, and to start their LPM experience in either the MapLink map or LPM land records data. In 6.0, users can personalize and save their own maps with different layers, symbology and extents to meet various business needs including adding them to their myLPM dashboards.

Also new in Version 6.0 are a Partner Invoicing Module that facilitates invoicing partners for their share of payments and a new GIS-integrated eCalendar to automate the payment approval process. Administrators can designate levels of payment authority, route payments through a series of approvers, and customize emails and reminders for payments.

LandWorks also has added new functionality for project budgeting and forecasting. “The new project budgeting and forecasting features are significant improvements to the LPM Project Management module,” said Bramwell. “As work progresses on a project, real-time metrics and graphs show burn rate, actuals versus estimates, and projected cost and schedule.”

LandWorks GIS Release 6.0 includes a new collaborative markup tool that allows users to add graphic markups to maps and share them with other users in the organization to facilitate decision making.

“More customers are using LandWorks software across multiple departments and business units,” said Bramwell. “Collaboration tools for land and GIS help everyone visualize and communicate business-critical data and streamline workflow across the organization.”

Existing customers can upgrade to version 6.0 beginning first quarter 2018. The new LandWorks Software Installer simplifies and automates the upgrade process. LandWorks will no longer support version 5.20 or older beginning in 2018.

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