The LandWorks software suites are deployed worldwide.

LandWorks designed its software for international use to support the language and date formats preferred by individual end users based on their locations. A country, currency, and area unit of measure can be assigned to each agreement, tract, or project record, and country-specific fields will dynamically display on legal description and document recording screens.

Users from the same organization can view financial reports sub-totaled by currency and track land assets in multiple countries. For example, a large mining company with operations in multiple countries may deploy the LandWorks suites across its enterprise. End users in Portugal, Spain and Canada are able to use the software presented in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Dates throughout the system can display differently for each user to minimize adjustment across countries that use various date formats.

International users also can add Value Added Tax Codes to payments and even export to third-party accounting systems. Division-based security lets administrators segregate geographically diverse data so only users who need that data have access to it. In addition, the ability to hide and re-label fields across the system offers flexibility to organizations opting to modify LPM’s many out-of-the-box fields to accommodate the need to store diverse data for different countries in which they operate.