LandWorks, Inc. is a provider of software and services to manage any land right in any industry anywhere in the world.

LandWorks, Inc.’s core business is providing land asset management and GIS solutions for a variety of industries, including oil & gas, renewable wind energy, utilities, pipelines, and mining.

LandWorks’ business is built on providing reliable solutions that combine leading-edge technologies with our extensive land-related business experience. We have a proven track record of being the first to solve long-term land management challenges, improving the way land professionals work on a daily basis.

LandWorks is an Esri Gold Partner and as such, we team with Esri on most new projects. LandWorks has twice been awarded the prestigious Esri Foundation Partner of the Year award.

Discover more about some of LandWorks’ success stories and how we have changed the way our client’s manage and work with their land data.