Pandell Acquires LandWorks

Two industry leaders join forces to deliver land software and GIS mapping tools worldwide.

Industries Served

Upstream Oil & Gas

Analyze your mineral rights, plan well locations, track the status of your leases, manage lease provisions and obligations, make timely rental payments, and more. The most advanced depth severance analysis in the industry. Patented dissection technology offers a powerful real-time view of ownership in overlapping partial interest leases across your entire operating area. Quickly and cost-effectively digitize your leases, contracts and units in the GIS.

Renewable Energy

Calculate complex landowner royalty payments, track the pre- and post-install expirations of your leases, mass update payments and turbine/sales point data and more. Select parcel polygons in the GIS and automatically load the attribute and spatial data to create new or update existing wind farm projects in seconds. Manage wind lease acquisition with real-time project status maps and dashboards.


View and report on data at the mine level, easily correspond with landowners, mass update payments and mining production data, execute elaborate royalty calculations, and more. Mining-specific screen sets include a Production Royalty tab to record your mining royalty clauses. Pre-loaded logic in the system handles production payments, recoupments, advanced royalties, minimum payments and wheelage payments.


One system manages rights-of-way, deeds, surface leases, permits, contracts, and more. Complete life cycle management, from acquisition to divestiture. See and track land assets in order of a line, automatically map rights of way, provide mobile access to field agents. Easily create reports and maps showing multi-line rights, vegetation management, ingress/egress provisions and obligations along a line.


Visualize and easily communicate business-critical data. View land assets in the order of an existing or proposed line, easily generate line list reports, and manage projects with real-time status maps and dashboards. Automatically map and maintain legal descriptions and linear rights-of-way described in terms of a distance from a facility centerline.

Midstream Facilities

Single access point for all land asset information. Use mass change tools to update many agreements at once. Share data with GIS, accounting, document management and facilities management databases. Query land agreements by facility and retrieve all associated agreements in order by line tract number or engineering station. Automate workflows, design your own ad hoc reports.