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LandWorks GIS is a complete mapping solution developed by LandWorks leveraging industry standard ESRI® GIS technology to help manage land assets. LandWorks GIS is fully integrated with LandWorks Property Management system (LPM) and provides comprehensive analysis and reporting tools. LandWorks GIS is comprised of four (4) modules which may be licensed and used separately or in combination:

LandWorks Toolbox™

LandWorks Toolbox™ is a robust suite of tools for analysis and reporting of land/lease rights ownership and obligations.

Parcel Edit Tools™

Parcel Edit Tools™ is an ArcGIS® extension providing a comprehensive tools package for quickly and accurately digitizing land/lease boundaries.


QuikMap™ is an ArcGIS® extension for quickly creating professional quality maps.

QuikMap™ Administrator

QuikMap™ Administrator is an ArcGIS® extension used by experienced Arc users to setup and publish standard map templates.

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